Prints are available in the following sizes and paper types:

(Frames not Included)

4" x 6"

Matt / $10 CDN each

Glossy / $10 CDN each

8" x 12"

Square format prints are 8" x 8"

Matt / $75 CDN each

Glossy / $75 CDN each

Metallic / $100 CDN each

Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas / $100 CDN each

12" x 18"

Square format prints are 12" x 12"

Matt / $150 CDN each

Glossy / $150 CDN each

Metallic / $200 CDN each

Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas / $200 CDN each

Stainless Steel or Aluminum Surface / $300 CDN each

24" x 36"

Square format prints are 24" x 24"

Matt / $400 CDN each

Glossy / $400 CDN each

Metallic / $500 CDN each

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl 320g / $500 CDN each

Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas / $500 CDN each

Stainless Steel or Aluminum Surface / $800 CDN each

To order, please navigate to the photo you would like to buy, and click the "Buy a signed print" button located under the photo. If a print has been sold out it will be stated in the comments below the photo.

Each photo is signed, dated, numbered, and is limited to a maximum edition of 9.

Images are printed on the following paper and surface types:

- KODAK ROYAL GENERATIONS PAPER is an exceptional color negative paper. It delivers bold, saturated colors and superior print longevity. Royal Generations Paper is easily identified by its thicker support, which provides durability in handling, and by its distinctive gold "KODAK ROYAL Paper" watermark.

- FUJI CRYSTAL ARCHIVE PAPER is a resin-based paper that is noted for its unmatched archival quality. It has long been considered the finest color photographic paper available and is the choice of professional photographers and commercial labs. Recent independent studies by Wilhelm Imaging Research (an organization respected for its testing of materials) show that Crystal Archive is the most fade-resistant photographic paper of all that are currently made, outlasting other major brands by almost a three-to-one margin. These independent studies showed that under normal display conditions, Fuji Crystal Archive lasts six or seven decades before any noticeable fade.

- METALLIC C-PRINT MATERIAL is a photographic paper with a glossy, metallic finish. The materials special emulsion gives images a depth previously unavailable in photographic materials. Lambda Metallic C-Print material also gives unprecedented sharpness, brightness, color saturation, and longetivity. The modern collector will appreciate the impact and richness of this archival quality medium.

- HAHNEMÜHLE PHOTO RAG PEARL 320g is a natural white, OBA-free, pure cotton rag paper with a soft, smooth surface combined with the innovative Hahnemühle pearl coating. The paper features a high Dmax and a large colour gamut that enables the reproduction of the finest colour and black & white images. Due to the exclusive use of cotton rag this premium paper is extremely age-resistant and complies with the highest conservational standards.

- GALLERY WRAP STRETCHED CANVAS is a canvas cloth surface onto which inks are printed. Canvas suitable for Giclée printing is coated with a receptor layer so that the inks will be absorbed by the surface of the canvas thus creating the beautiful high resolution printed image. Photos on canvas are archival quality and come fully stretched on 1.75" thick wooden frames. Ready to hang or give as a truly distinctive gift everyone will adore.

- STAINLESS STEEL AND ALUMINUM is a direct to metal fine art printing on .06" thick metal substrates. Using traditional archival methods, this unique printing technique elevates fine art printing to new levels. UV resistant quality inks and materials will guarantee your metallic prints will last for decades and exhibit the same high resolution and quality that rivals traditional archival printing on paper and canvas. Comes with aluminum U-channel mounts on the back for easy hanging.