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Living Room 9 Suitcase Living Room 8 Hospital Theater Attic Dart Board Blue Flowers Pillar Turning Tables Wherever You Are Red Carpet Occulus Guaranteed Mirror Kitchen 8 Sinking Feeling 2 Hearse Carriage Office 3 Millbrook Redemption Bed Couches Table Railing Tiki Bar Dental 2 Dental School For Girls 4 Couch Pool Drama Flowers On The Wall Bedroom 9 Living Room 7 California Dreamin’ Robe Laodicea Room With A View Lee Plaza Stadium Snow History Channel Dome Bar Sinking Feeling Synagogue Clothesline The Mask Bedroom 6 Reading Room The Blazer Abandonedland 4 Abandonedland 3 Abandonedland 2 Abandonedland Kitchen 7 Theatre Of The Oppressed You Are My Sunshine K9 Aquarium Lodge 138 Sardis Thyatira Pergamum Presentation Hall Elementary Theatre Warplane Dogma No Shelter The Escape Living Room 6 Disco Toy Story 2 Classroom 15 Baby Room The Horror Apocalypto Bedroom 8 Smyrna Ephesus The Crib Helloween Agotha Faith No More Blue Lagoon Pink Flamingos The Show Must Go On Giraffe Detroit Tiger Bedroom 4 Living Room 4 Barn 2 Barn Asylum The Basement Darts Hats Dining Room Bedroom 3 Kitchen 6 Bedroom 2 Country Club Kitchen 5 Pot Last Stop 2 Bedroom Green House Lost Bus Workout Bench Toy Story Kitchen 4 Kitchen 3 Kitchen 2 Kitchen Attack Of The Wind Turbines Living Room 3 The Shed Afterglow CB Radio Spiral Stairwell Corner Room Office Burned Jockey Full Of Bourbon Waiting Room The Light In The Hall In My Time Of Dust Ticket Booth The Drive-In Filmgate The Projectionist All Aboard Church Hutch Coathangers Transfiguration 6 Terra Cotta Wall Letters Windowsill he Pink Bedroom Valhallway Box Office Jail Cell DT Church Dance Floor Not Here Either Not Here Criminally Insane Michigan Central Station Ballroom Bar The Ballroom More Stuff Stuff Feral Cats Inside La Grande Hermine 2 The Piano Broken Records Boondock Cathode Ray Tube Broken Pony Master Bedroom 2 Master Bedroom Squatters Quarters Gym 2 Hazeltine Classroom 14 Classroom 13 High School Hallway Classroom 12 Proofreading Cellblock 7 Cellblock 9 Hammond Hudson Dentist Office The Red Chair Auditorium 2 Auditorium Science Class 3 Science Class 2 Science Class Bennett School For Girls 3 Bennett School For Girls 2 Bennett School For Girls Corridor Research Lab 2 The Enchanted Castle The Dreams In The Witch House The Kitchenette The Doors Reclamation The Stairwell Research Lab Autopsy Cutrain Call Reel To Reel Gym Wallpaper Factory When You’re Gone Catwalk Moose In The Room Between the Bars Camp 30 Classroom Class Room 8 Bad Medicine Desolo Octo Otto 4 Otto 3 Otto 2 Otto Beige Brickworks 68 Scott Stairwell Foundry Office Old Don Jail The Aud Classroom 5B Guild Inn See Holley Play 2 The Show Must Go On Rot In Peace The Suitcase and the Dummy Ghost Train Sanitarium 2 Sanitarium 1B Sanitarium Fixer-Upper Red Room Chem Lab 2 Classroom 7 Resurrection Classroom 6 Classroom 5 Orphanage 5 Abandoned Car The Stove Lugubrious Luminosity Almost There Light as a Breezee Window Blinds Transfiguration 5 The Colour Out Of Space Faceless Child The Arrival OBE The Stroller 3 Old Bicycle With Training Wheels From Here To Alternity Yellow Room 2 The Stroller 2 Stay Humble Burnt Rubber Kitchen Coma Brown Sugar Dirty Love Office Space Smoke for Dee Yellow Room Abandoned Dolls The Stroller The Old Shop 3 Molds Shaking of the Ground The Old Shop 2 Baby Swing Brickworks 48 Black Cat Classroom 4 Classroom 3B Classroom 3 Classroom 2 Classroom Holleyway Table and Chairs Raising the Dead See Holley Play Holley Stage Trepanation Endorama 2 2 Closets Transfiguration 4 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place Lister Block 9 Barber Chair Firestone 4 Firestone 2 Brickworks 27 Lister Block 7 Malting 6 Old Chair Lister Block 5 Old Scale Steamwhistle Washroom Lister Block 4 Lister Block 3 Lister Block 2 Hair Dryer Symes Transfer Station 3 Symes Transfer Station 2 Symes Transfer Station View from Crystal Ballroom Transfiguration 3 Transfiguration 2 Transfiguration Breathe Self Portrait Whitby Psycho 20 Hearn XXIX Hearn XXVIII Whitby Psycho 19 Whitby Psycho 18 Christ Church 7 Where The Wild Roses Grow Resistance is Futile 2 Ascending and Descending Let the Sunshine In Whitby Psycho 16 3 Doorways Brickworks Ghost Christ Church Interior Whale and Wasp Faux Fur Jacket Christ Church Damage Inc. 3 Damage Inc. 2 Damage Inc. Hallway Lunch Room Toddler Room The Green Door Exit The Green Room #2 The Mattress The White Room Cornered Faces in the Window Whitby Psych Ward 13 #2 The Green Room Whitby Psycho 15 Whitby Psycho 14 Whitby Psych Exterior Whitby Psych Ward 13 Whitby Psycho 13 Whitby Psycho 12 Whitby Psycho 11 #1 Crush Red Chair 2 Electrical Geese Whitby Psycho 2

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