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Dart Board Laodicea 2 California Dreamin’ Robe You Are My Sunshine Sardis Thyatira Pergamum Dogma No Shelter Smyrna Ephesus Agotha Faith No More Church Hutch Coathangers Transfiguration 6 It Is Done DT Church Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal Pipe Organ 2 Pasce Oves Meas Lumen In Caelo Mary Queen Of The World Pipe organ Confession Ezekiel and Jeremiah La basilique Notre-Dame de MontrĂ©al La basilique Notre-Dame de MontrĂ©al Cathedral of Transfiguration Transfiguration 5 St. Michael’s Cathedral Transfiguration 4 Transfiguration 3 Transfiguration 2 Transfiguration Christ Church 7 Window of Opportunity Nightmare on Shaw Street Whale and Wasp Faux Fur Jacket Christ Church Necropolis 9 Necropolis 8 Necropolis 7 Church St. James Cathedral 3 BW St. James Cathedral 3 Holiday Inn The Priest Boris and Jelena St. James Cathedral 2 St. James Cathedral Necropolis 6 The Exit Necropolis 5 The Book of Life Necropolis 4 Necropolis 3 Necropolis 2 Necropolis 1

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