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Castle 2 Lee Plaza Transfiguration 6 Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal Pipe Organ 2 Habitat 67 Pasce Oves Meas Lumen In Caelo Pipe organ Confession Ezekiel and Jeremiah La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal Marie-Reine-du-Monde The Enchanted Castle Over TO 6 Edgewalkers Over TO 5 Over TO 4 Old Don Jail 4 Cathedral of Transfiguration The Royal Not Now John Linear Love Selenium BCE Place 2 BCE Place January Night CN Tower 10 Tornado Rooftops in Winter Empty Chamber Transfiguration 5 From Here To Alternity St. Michael’s Cathedral Transfiguration 4 Flat Iron Where Eagles Dare Immersion Lister Block 4 Transfiguration 2 Transfiguration Falling Down Niagara Falls 15 The Sculptor Damage Inc. 3 Damage Inc. 2 Damage Inc. Corktown Windows Busy City One King Commerce Court 2 Royal York Lobby Skyscraper 10 Design Exchange Subway Sign Skyscraper 9 Empty Room Toronto City Hall 2 CN Tower 8 Old City Hall 2 Old City Hall City Hall Union Station Interior CN Tower 7 Concrete Sphere Five Pillars Window Reflections 11 CN Tower 6 Skyscraper 8 Necropolis 9 Necropolis 8 Necropolis 7 Elgin Theater Whitby Psych Exterior Church The Bank 2 St. James Cathedral 3 BW St. James Cathedral 3 Holiday Inn Eaton Centre 3 Eaton Centre 2 Eaton Centre Toronto Harbour Hilton Skyscraper 7 Skylight Apartments CN Tower 5 Skyscraper 6 Skyscraper 5 Commerce Court Skyscraper 4 Skyscraper 3 Skyscraper 2 Skyscraper St. James Cathedral 2 OCAD and the Backhoe Mandir Union Station The Old House Rainbow Bridge Front and Bay Above the Bridge Casa Loma 3 Casa Loma 2 Casa Loma Kundalini Hot Air 4 Princes’ Gates Necropolis 6 The Exit U of T CN Tower 4 CN Tower 3 CN Tower 2 Necropolis 5 The Book of Life Necropolis 4 Necropolis 3 Necropolis 2 Necropolis 1 Royal York MTCC Buildings Reflection of CN Tower Royal York Window Aden Camera Moon Over Thorncliffe Alley 1 Golden Building Yonge and Elm Dark Buildings City Reflecting the Sun 1

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